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Monday, October 8, 2012

The Happy Hooker

You know how frustrating it can get when you haven't done something for years and then you pick it up again and can't remember a lot of the important stuff? Okay, I see your mind is in the gutter after reading the title of this post, but, boy, do you have it wrong! I'm talking about crochet! Yeah, that thing you do with yarn and a hook. Geez, people!

My first project, a wagon-wheel based beret.
I learned to crochet when I was about 9. My patience back then didn't allow me to complete anything elaborate. I did a beanie/hat, started a rug and a few granny squares, otherwise I crocheted over hangers and pencils. Hey, I was 9. Over the years, I didn't do much else except maybe to do a little trim work on my jeans or a sleeve or two to spruce them up.

So, here I was knitting hats, scarfs and socks and getting bored. Someone gave me an Amish knitting loom and I was have a great time with that. I decided that I really don't like knitting needles, but knitting boards, rails and circles are actually nice and easy, and I can put something down and come back after months without worry.

But I longed for something more. Something easy, but yet looked elaborate. I also wanted a new bathroom rug like we used to have when I was a little girl. Then I remembered the blue aluminum size I crochet hook my mom had given me as a little girl! Yahoo!

My work-in-progress spring table cloth. 

My excitement deflated fast when I realized I could only remember how to do a single crochet. There aren't that many patterns that only have sc, ch and sl on them (for you non-hookers that's single crochet, chain and slip knot) My mom had taught me all kinds of stitches, but that was a very long time ago. I looked up different stitches on the Internet, looking at diagrams and YouTube videos and going nuts. I wanted a book that I could carry around, but wasn't some convoluted mess that I couldn't follow.
My blue mood bathroom rug.l

Small shell stitch Christmas scarf.
FINALLY I found what I needed! Stitch 'n Bitch Crochet: The Happy Hooker by Debbie Stoller.

Thanks, to Debbie, I quickly remembered stitches and tips and tricks my mom had taught me, not to mention a few more. And I have new things for my floor, table, and a ton of scarfs, hats, afghans, phone pockets and computer covers.

I really hope my family doesn't mind getting a new bathroom rug for Christmas. I've made more than I need and in different colors, shapes and styles. I'm even starting one crocheted with jute. All I can say is that I've really got myself hooked!

Looking for Debbie Stoller's book? Click on the photo below!

 Oh, and happy hooking!